Fly Fishing takes us to beautiful, wild and rugged places in pursuit of our finned friends. Just hiked in a few miles to a beautiful stretch of water? Inevitably there will be trout rising on the far side of the river. Take a second to open your staff, wade in confidently through swift currents, and present your fly. Don’t miss a step and have to shortchange your day and hike out wet.

Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff

    • For general wading and hiking support
    • Made from lightweight and durable aluminum tubing
    • Folds down into three sections for easy carry and storage
    • Locking button secures the folding sections when pulled tight
    • Additional quick release adjustable locking mechanism for adjustable height
    • Interior durable twisted metal cord coated in a protective polytube
    • Lightweight cork and foam handle
    • Adjustable webbing strap with neoprene padding
    • Included rubber tip (removable)
    • Included wading staff pouch fits the staff perfectly when folded down
    • Pouch is made from thermoformed foam and ballistic nylon
    • Pouch is compatible with any wading belt up to 2” wide
    • Pouch includes a D-ring for attaching a retractor
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