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Casting Lessons:

We offer casting lessons which range from beginner to advanced helping casters hone their skills and tighten loops. 

  • $75 single one hour lesson (location and times are vary)

  • $95 two person one hour casting class

Please Inquire with a staff member to set up a time a date for lessons.


2 day Wisconsin Fly Fishing School

  • On water instruction covering casting, hydrology, fly entomology and general fly fishing tactics, with hands on instruction.

  • $395 (does not include lodging).

  • Call 312-944-3474 or visit www.chifly.com


Group casting lessons available! 
























2022 Fly Tying Classes

Instructor: Jeremy Spaccapaniccia

     Zack Van Dyke

Cost: $25.00

Classes Start in October

Time: All classes start at 6:30PM 




Call The Shop To Sign Up Today


      2021-2022 Dates 

2/9 Trout Streamers           
2/16 Carp  
2/23 Bowfin (Austin Beaulieu)
3/2 Intro To Fly Tying

3/9 Spring Smallmouth patterns